The Rolling Red Knuckles characters were designed by well known New Zealand artist Martin Emond.


We have licensed the property and our aim is to develop a fast paced action fighter game based on the RRK characters.  We have a proposed game design and are looking for partners in taking RRK to the next level.


Set in the world 2030, New York is a foreign country and the US is a war zone. In this future eight women known as the Rolling Red Knuckles are going to lose their gym.  The debt collector has come calling and the Red Knuckles don’t have much time.  What do they do? They need money and they need it fast.


The RRK girls head to the Dead Zone, a part of the city that has been barricaded off from the rest of society because of its unruly gangs and corrupt characters.  In Dead Zone a running man style of game takes place called ‘Brutal’ where contestants battle undesirable characters and get through rugged environments in an attempt to make it to the end, the prize being enough money to get them out of trouble..


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