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Welcome to Metia Interactive

Metia Interactive Ltd is a game and intellectual property development company based in Auckland, New Zealand. As well as developing original games and multimedia applications we also provide outsourcing services to the interactive game and related industries and offers creative and cost effective solutions for all digital art and development needs from concepts to modelling, texturing to pre-rendered animations.

Metia's first published title is Cube™ for the PlayStation Portable® and was released in the United States on the 27 April 2007 by D3Publisher of America®. To read more about Cube take a look at our News page or visit the official Cube website.

Games for Entertainment


We design and develop games from concept through to full development.

Games for Education


Serious games are developed for the purpose of training. These games are educational allowing the user to learn in an interactive entertaining environment.

Cross Platform


We are licensed to develop for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation PSP and Apple iPhone we also make games for the PC and Mac platforms too.